Sir Neville and Lady Catlin

This serious-looking couple are currently on sale together. Attributed to John Hayls and dated to around 1658, these pictures may have been marriage portraits for Neville Catlin, a landowner and politician from Norfolk, and his first wife Dorothea, a descendant of the famous Killgrew family.


Sadly the marriage didn’t last long, as Dorothea is said to have died early. Sir Neville, son and brother of Civil War Royalists, would marry twice more,  serving in the Norfolk militia at the Restoration, and later as Deputy Lieutenant for Norfolk and Suffolk. An opponent of the Catholic King James II, and of the repeal of penal laws against Catholics, Sir Neville was stripped of some of his offices, refusing to sit next to Catholics in Parliament when his posts were restored in 1688. He retired from politics in 1690, and died in 1702 at his home of Wingfield Castle in Suffolk.

A more extensive biography is available on the auction site HERE.



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