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Portrait of a girl

This unidentified “Portrait of a Girl” is part of the Royal Collection, and dates from c.1615-1618. The collection attributes the picture to the British School, in the style of Paul van Somer (1576-1621). Although the frame states the sitter is James I’s daughter Elizabeth [Stuart], Queen of Bohemia, we can’t know when the inscription was added, and the Royal Collection gives no name, saying only that the picture was ‘formerly’ known as Elizabeth. No alternative identity has been suggested.

For comparison, here’s a portrait of Elizabeth at 7 years old in 1603 (© Royal Museums Greenwich), by Robert Peake the Elder. What do you think?


The Royal Collection

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  1. Hmm, I wonder. I think she looks a bit young to be Elizabeth in that style of clothing, but I’m fuzzy these days on when the fashion for pulling the hair back came in.


  2. I’ve no expertise in fashions, so I’ll defer to you on that! I can see a similarity in the faces, though. And I looked at another picture of Elizabeth when I was researching and even if this isn’t her, I can see why the earlier attribution was made. I’d be interested to know when and why her name was dropped.



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