Charles I, the Bargain Bin King

Another gem found on Ebay!


This ‘Old Master’ portrait of King Charles I is currently the subject of a bidding war on Ebay. At last count, the high bid was an unprecedented…. £2.60p. Described as an ‘early and important study of the king on his throne’, it has nevertheless taken 4 bids to push the asking price to the cost of my local return bus fare.

A little embarrassing for a proud monarch, but I still like it, although ‘Old Master’ is stretching belief rather a lot. As usual there’s no information on provenance or condition. At least His Majesty can recover some of his lost dignity (and value) in the postage costs, which are a more respectable £22.

So, what do readers think? Is this worth £2.60? Is it even 17th century?

View the auction on Ebay

ETA 24th July: The asking price has gone up a bid to £5.50, with seven days still to go!

27th July: The bidding has now reached a far more respectable £700! In my humble opinion, the bidders are a little optimistic about the quality of their ‘find’, given the limited background information and rather average execution (no pun intended, Your Majesty….), and not forgetting this is actually a copy, but it’s not my £700, so I hope whoever wins the auction is very happy with their prize!

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  1. Who’s the noddy selling this? “Early and important study of the king on his throne” my … yeah, you get it. It’s a copy of the Bower portrait of Charles at his trial. No idea of the age.

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    • I’d take a wild guess that it’s a Victorian knockoff!


      • Wouldn’t surprise me!

        I don’t have art expertise, but it seems to have a softish look about it that doesn’t put me in mind of the naive/not particularly skilled art of the 17th century. 18th century knockoff, maybe? Dunno. You going to lash out and buy it? 😉


  2. It’s tempting!!



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